Boost Sales Using Corrugated Display Units

by Anthony Totta

Supplementary display units are a great way to increase consumer interest in your product. As I prepare to attend this month’s PMA event, I thought this article that we published in the past would be beneficial to retailers. Recent research continues to point to statistics that secondary displays lift sales incrementally.

When it comes to selling produce, there are merchandising options other than just utilizing the regular department fixtures. If you want to capture the attention of shoppers and draw them over to specific produce items, you will need to create a visual emphasis. This can easily be accomplished with the support of off-shelf supplemental displays to generate incremental sales.

One of the most successful ways to attract customers is by using freestanding, corrugated display units. These temporary displays are extremely flexible and can be placed in a number of locations in and outside of the produce department.

Corrugated display units have been much improved from those of earlier years. Today’s display pieces are constructed of recycled and durable materials. They are designed with stunning colorful graphics and print that is conspicuously eye-catching, which can influence brand recognition.

The unique display units can arrive accompanied with product or broken down flat to be assembled at the retail store. Some companies pre-fill the display units, which saves labor in both assembly and stocking.

Here are some merchandising advantages using corrugated display units:

Incremental sales: To attract the attention of customers, place specific items in a display unit and locate it in a good traffic area of the produce department or just outside of it. This will draw shoppers over to the display and generate extra sales. The items could be from your ad flyer, a special in-store promotion, seasonal products, or to capture fast movement of high profit items.

Tie-in display: To influence sales of related product, place a corrugated unit alongside a regular fixture. For example, seedless cucumbers placed in a unit next to a tomato display or mangoes near the banana display. The freestanding units can be easily moved to different locations and used for other tie-in displays.

New product introduction: Corrugated display units are ideal to highlight new items. Set the units and new items in open areas where they can be easily spotted by customers. The new product will get more exposure than it would blended in with regular items on the wall rack or table fixtures.

Special promotion: These freestanding displays are an excellent way to emphasize produce items related to various promotions such as ad features, new items, holidays, sporting events, contests, and other special activities. They can also be tied in with other store display events. For example, a group of display units filled with cranberries can be tied in alongside an end case of frozen turkeys. Lemons and limes could be placed with a special Super Bowl theme beverage display.

Pallet display: This type is especially useful for very large stores with abundant floor space such as club and warehouse discount outlets. Sturdy corrugated bins filled with produce items are placed on pallets and displayed out on the sales floor. Where ample space allows, several pallet displays can be grouped together. This merchandising strategy is great for massive sales of melons, apples, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, and choice items.

Informative. Besides stocking product, corrugated display units can also serve as an educational tool for consumers. Printed messages, facts, and other information can be included, other than just colorful custom graphics, by easily attaching an accompanying sign. Some specialized units can even include friendly product related recipes for shoppers.

We hope this information has been beneficial in conveying some ideas and tips in the use of corrugated display units to help generate incremental sales.

Our FreshXperts have experience using a variety of display units with a variety of products with multiple clients and manufacturing vendors. All have proven to be beneficial investments. For help assessing whether you have a product that could benefit from creating a display unit program, contact me for a free consultation.

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