Companies better know where the new trend is headed

FreshXpertise by Ron Pelger

While consumers are stuck under a rock during this pandemic, companies should be working on adjusting to new ways to do business. It won’t be the same old routine anymore.

During tough times like COVID, company management tends to pull back under a rock. Thus, it sets off a “retreat and run for your lives” type action. This change of direction can repress the entire employee system since they’ve already been shaken in the path of the virus. Perhaps you’ve noticed it in your own company and elsewhere. When the COVID-19 permeates the system, people become anguished and productivity takes a nosedive.

With all the constant adverse news articles and TV talk shows about closed businesses, job losses, changed lifestyles, different shopping habits, companies can wind up going in all different directions. They can either cut back and take short cuts that lead nowhere in the end or they can face up to the reality and accept the fact that things just won’t be the same. The best procedure is to regroup, adjust, and change your operating format.

Here are a few pointers to consider in moving your team in the right direction during these testy times:

Stop the negative — By all means, stay away from the negative areas. COVID-19 is negative. Stop discussing all the gloomy things with everyone all of the time. Eventually, people and customers will reverse their direction to prevent listening to your negative remarks. Don’t give an impression of defeat.

Focus on your customer base — Don’t lose sight of your customers. Contact them, talk to them, visit them, service them, and care about them. If you show sincere concern towards their ultimate needs, they will remain loyal to you.

Don’t cut advertising — One of the blatant mistakes company officials make is to trim advertising during a crisis. Don’t do it! Let your competition cut back. When they do, you’ll be ahead. Advertise so everyone knows you’re still in business.

Keep innovating — Be creative during a rough time like we’re experiencing. All it takes is an idea that captures consumers into being lured towards your company and its product.

Be agile — Keep away from operating under the same old habits. Think differently in planning strategies. This is a whole new ballgame.

Reexamine everything — Check in every nook and cranny with the strongest magnifying glass. Double check every operating line and get them in order. If you question something, it’s a sign you need to make an adjustment. The simplest expenditures are usually the sleeping lions that nobody wants to wake up.

Concentrate on solving — In meeting rooms, talk about fixing, repairing, restoring, rejuvenating, overhauling, and all the forward stuff. Be constructive, not destructive!

Get out in the trenches — Sales and planning meetings are important, but we are at war with a pandemic enemy that is changing the way we do business. The only way to grasp on to newer consumer needs is to get out and observe this transitioning.

You’ve made it through challenging times before or you wouldn’t be here today. But today is a whole lot different. Most of the same old internal company methods may not be suitable during this evolving period. Those who want to advance by using outside expertise will emerge a winner.

It’s very critical that you understand where business is headed during these times and the appropriate strategies to get you there. You can’t do it all. This may not be an easy task for all companies. That’s why you can depend on FreshXperts to support your needs and keep your operation in the game. We have the knowledge, experience, expertise, and resources to help you.

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Ron Pelger

Ron Pelger

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