David Pennington

David Pennington grew up in a home whose father spent his life working for the Department of Agriculture. From his earliest memories, he became familiar with some of the challenges in developing and marketing fresh produce. David has served as an executive coach in the fresh produce industry.

David spent the last twenty-five plus years in various non-profit venues. He has worked in numerous management roles in religious and educational arenas. He has worked as an Executive Director, President, and Board Member of several national and international organizations. David holds three degrees (BA, MA, PhD) from Bob Jones University. He possesses unique administrative ability that allows him to serve his clients with a high level of expertise. His analytical strengths and good grasp of the challenges of leading an organization allow him to serve his clients with a high level of efficiency and productivity. He particularly enjoys helping owners and managers reach a healthy work/life balance.

He specializes in helping leaders with organizational structure and employee conflict resolution. He also focuses upon improving communication skills and clarifying employee responsibilities, along with developmental training.

David is an encouraging coach who delights in coming alongside of owners and managers, seeing them develop into great leaders, helping them strengthen their management skills, and grow their companies to provide a greater profit margin.