Excellent Marketing Plans: A Few More P’s

You may remember the Four Ps essential in most any marketing plan – product, place, pricing and promotion. But what makes a marketing plan truly excel for produce grower-shippers? Here are a “Few More Ps” present among the best produce marketers we work with and see operating in the industry.

Product for the Consumer’s Palate
An excellent produce marketing plan identifies what the end customer wants and is willing to pay for – and today, that means taste and texture. That’s why the cherry/snacking tomato category has gained so much space in the produce section and why tomato grower-shippers are rolling out more varieties with outstanding flavors. You have to produce what the consumer wants – and will keep coming back for.

Passion and Packaging
One of the best things about working day-in and day-out with grower-shippers is being with families that have grown successful farms over multiple generations. The best marketers – and the best marketing plans – convey a business story in which the grower’s passion and pride for their produce is obvious.

Today, we see the best marketers conveying their passion and history in their product packaging. Excellent marketing plans go the extra mile to put the crop into packaging which communicates the producer’s passion and story, while always considering the nuts and bolts of produce handling and retailing. And – as always – that packaging is designed to have high appeal to the end consumer.

Plural Promotion
At the risk of stretching the “P” theme, we see grower-shippers with the best marketing plans managing both the relationship with the buyer (wholesaler or retailer) and the product relationship with the end consumer. Happily, you can take care of both with excellent product and packaging. Today’s wholesale customer more and more wants a well-branded product with customer appeal – meaning taste, texture, and great packaging.

But excellent marketing must extend beyond product quality; there has to be outreach to the end consumer. We help grower-shippers manage marketing collateral tailored for multiple audiences, both wholesale buyers and consumers. Today, that means both maintaining buyer relationships and developing a thoughtful social media strategy that tell the firm’s story on the platforms where buyers and consumers want to find that information – whether that’s Facebook and Pinterest or at key trade shows and buyer meetings. Excellent marketing plans have a strategy to manage multiple outlets.

Paper, Pixels
And of course, an excellent marketing plan has been put down on paper (or into pixels). That way you’ll be able to remember what your plan started out as and measure how well it worked.

How are you doing at knowing what consumers want, telling the story of your firm’s passion, delivering superior packaging, and marketing to multiple pathways?

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Anthony Totta

Anthony Totta

This industry is filled with passionate people who love what they do. Most come from wonderful entrepreneurial family businesses with a rich heritage. So do I. I've learned from them. The've learned from me. Together we promote nutritionally rich fresh food for healthy living. It's a fabulous journey and a wonderful mission!