Marketing Strategies for Producers

Strategy is the focus that drives marketing. Traditional f.o.b. sales of “quotes, quotes and more quotes” and ”hoping for purchase orders” are a thing of the past. Our analysis will help our clients determine the best strategies to maximize returns.

Full Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Know how to get around retailers’ obstacles. Know how retailers view growers and shippers. Know the priorities of retail executives and how they think today. Know what the decision makers like and dislike. Know the retailers’ concerns and the seller’s solutions. Know the five levels of the “Buyers Pyramid” and how to reach the “approver” at the top. We lived the role of the decision maker and will teach you how to have better sales skills every step of the way.

Retail Insight for Producers

Often talked about, seldom implemented, complete supply chain track and trace technology is a must, not a luxury any more. FreshXperts has a team of professional associates and affiliates who can guide you to custom fit solutions. From the field to the grocery store shelves, cutting-edge, easy-to-use RFID and smart tag technology tracks your product all the way through the supply chain. You can afford it NOW!

Packaging Solutions

The best product in the wrong packaging can down grade the returns desired. Why would you strategically purchase superior seed, use the best agricultural practices, and the latest/greatest pack line equipment, yet put the product in inferior packaging? What a shame! Whether it’s plastics, films, pulp, paper, foam, corrugated, and/or biodegradable, we will help you maximize your product’s packaging solution.

Business Technology Tools

We familiarize our clients with technology to facilitate effective training sessions, product and program presentations, effective staff conference meetings, e-marketing, and much more. It is our goal to cut costs for clients by minimizing the need for travel while maximizing effective communications. Our clients select and enjoy working with us because of our ability to quickly identify opportunities for process improvement, present relevant alternatives, and implement cost effective solutions.

Product Development Support

What is best for the consumer is best for the supplier. Focusing our efforts with the end user in mind will lead us on a path of fulfillment that creates bright futures. What makes the end user repeat their business? Our FreshXperts take our clients along a path that will produce results. We use our experience to assist in variety and product development planning.

Merchandising Strategies

When it comes to produce department layout, we have a world of knowledge and experience to help retailers sell more product and earn more profit. Our experts have set hundreds of produce departments from scratch to completion by using unique and talented skills that relate to updated consumer shopping habits and trends. We are fully experienced in merchandising new, remodeled, or current stores to rapidly increase your produce retail sales.

Enterprise Planning

The challenge for every business owner is to step back from the daily grind and work at a more strategic level to cultivate long-term health and growth for their business.  We’ll help shape your vision into a step-by-step plan with key decision points at each stage.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning exercises examine the internal and external health of a business.  Often times, it’s key for a business to engage a third party to help with an object look at the enterprise.  With a clear grasp of the current situation, a business is able to build a productive path forward.  This is a key component for enhancing goals and is a part of an enterprise plan.

New Product Planning and Launch

We will help you to decide what competitive advantages your new product may have as a means of establishing sustainable success. Further, we will help design a successful launch plan.

Succession Planning

Another component of enterprise planning is to understand and agree to a succession plan. This is especially important in family businesses.  Many businesses don’t outlast the life of the owner.  We can help with a plan that will build a lasting organization that can be sold or passed on to family members.

Rescue Management

If your business needs an independent third party analysis to get it back on track to financial success, we can help.

E-Commerce and Web Solutions

Develop an effective and engaging online presence for both B2B and B2C customers.  Our experts will help you craft your message, select the right look and feel and optimize the content so your online presence is easily found by search engines.  For companies wanting to transact business through online exchanges, home-delivered grocery or traditional e-commerce, we have experts who have built e-stores for some of the best known brands in the US.

Customer-Facing Technology

We’ve developed and executed social media strategies that include social networks like Facebook, microblogs like Twitter and video channels like YouTube.  We’re now exploring the commercial opportunities in Pinterest.  We know that customers want to engage the brands they use in social media.  We can help you build online relationships with the people who ultimately pay the bills in your company – your customers.  Our social media strategies help you listen, engage and respond.

We also provide B2B tech tools like CRM systems that effectively connect you with your clients.

Quality Assurance

We can assist with all product inbound inspection procedures at your distribution center. This includes proper receiving techniques, equipment, sampling, and reporting. We have expertise in cooler stock re-inspections. This includes days of freshness, expiration dated product, rotation, re-inspecting outdated product, reporting and advising.We can help to set or raise company standards of individual commodities, plant inbound inspection procedures and understanding USDA inspection procedures.We can train in all aspects of produce riping from bananas, pears, avocados and papayas.

Speaking Presentations

  • Group Speaking – We are available to speak at company meetings, seminars, roundtable discussions, training sessions, and other special occasions.
  • Speaking Channels – We speak to produce growers, shippers, packers, brokers, food service, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.
  • Speaking Content – Our presentations are filled with practical information about where the produce industry is headed and how you can get there. This is not fantasy, but instead, it is authentic down-to-earth material from the world of reality. Our experts speak to you in the produce language that you understand.

Teaching and Training

What do you want covered? Do you want your buyers to know better ways to buy or your salespeople to know easier methods in selling? The business world is different today. The old ways just do not work anymore. Our experts teach you new methods of strategies that will bring you up to date. A great number of sales representatives called on us throughout our careers and we will share those many experiences with you.

  • Buying – how to make a buyer more professional – how to be a “buyer” and not just a person filling orders – how to negotiate a deal – how to get suppliers to call you first on great deals – how to be respected in the industry
  • Selling – how to learn little secrets of getting both feet in the prospects door – how to ask the right questions – how to give the right answers – what not to say – how to get prospects to actually invite you back into their offices – how to up-sell and cross-sell – how to expand to other levels of the business
  • Managing – how to shift with the times – how to work as a team – how to solve the most pressing business problems – how to change leadership skills and techniques
  • Retailing – how to understand today’s consumers – how to merchandise with “impulse impact” – how to sell more product to every shopper – how to compete in today’s tougher market
  • Produce Inspection Procedures

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  • Ron, I have read several of your articles in Produce News, and what you are putting out is excellent and what I am looking for in my selling. I try to instill in my team like it or not we are selling a commodity, and with all things being equal, price is going to win out, and if we are going to sell more to retailers, we need to add value and be consultative to our partners. With all that being said, I would like to discuss more with you how we can utilize your expertise?

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