There’s no more challenging job in our industry than running a grocery store – balancing the operational intricacies of the backend of the store with the day-to-day interactions with customers who are becoming increasingly more informed and demanding about the food they eat.  Our FreshXperts team brings decades of grocery experience.  So, whether you’re running one store or five-hundred stores, we can help.

  • Merchandising – Create displays that look great and sell produce
  • Marketing – Our marketing experts develop messaging that resonates effectively with your target audience
  • Procurement – Improve your supply chain to put product on the floor faster and cheaper
  • Online – Web/Social Media – Our online experts help you select and leverage the tools that are best for connecting you and your customers
  • Board/Governance – Direct your organization more effectively with expert advice for your board and executives
  • Strategic Planning – We can help you design deliberate steps to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Quality Assurance – Make sure you have high quality produce in your store with cutting edge QA and inspection methodologies from our expert consultants
  • Shrink Control – We can help you effectively manage inventory, avoiding loss from theft and spoilage
  • Business Development – We help you develop relationships with new customers and harvest additional revenue from existing customers
  • Executive Management – Need one of the FreshXperts to work as an adjunct member of your executive team?
  • Succession Planning – Our experts can help you develop a solid pipeline for executive talent or for transferring ownership of your organization
  • Big Data/Analytics – With our help, you can leverage the power of the information collected by your organization