Grower Shippers

You’re expected to be an expert farmer and an expert businessman.  Many of you are also building both B2B and B2C relationships.  These responsibilities spread even the most talented manager thin.  No matter which function in your organization could use a hand, we have an expert that can assist.

  • Branding – We help you craft an identity that perfectly reflects your company’s personality and your product’s distinctive value
  • Marketing – Our marketing experts develop messaging that resonates effectively with your target audience
  • Business Development – We help you develop relationships with new customers and harvest additional revenue from existing customers
  • Online – Web/Social Media – Our online experts help you select and leverage the tools that are best for connecting you and your customers
  • Sales Management – Sales experts help you develop methodologies for tracking and developing prospects throughout the sales pipeline
  • Logistics – We can help you move your products more quickly and efficiently than ever before
  • Board/Governance – Direct your organization more effectively with expert advice for your board and executives
  • Sustainability – Learn how to minimize your impact on the environment and better manage your organization’s resources
  • E-commerce – Ready to sell online?  Our experts can help.
  • ERP – We can help you select and implement an end-to-end IT solution for your business
  • New Products – Our experts can help you bring a new product to market from concept to delivery
  • Strategic Planning – We can help you design deliberate steps to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Executive Management – Need one of the FreshXperts to work as an adjunct member of your executive team
  • Succession Planning – Our experts can help you develop a solid pipeline for executive talent or for transferring ownership of your organization
  • Big Data/Analytics – With our help, you can leverage the power of the information collected by your organization
  • Traceability – We can help you track your produce from field to final delivery
  • Organics/Conventional – We work with both conventional and organic growing organizations
  • Category Development – Our experts can help you strengthen the performance of your product lines