Is Your company becoming too internalized?

FreshXpertise by Ron Pelger

Any given program, when in operation, is obsolete.

Many suggestive ideas originate within a company. Unfortunately, some of those ideas tend to become tired and worn out. When that starts to take place, your competition has an edge on you.

I’ve heard people say, “If it works, don’t fix it” or “Stick to what works and don’t change a thing.” To me, that’s old mind-set thinking. Today, you have to always look ahead towards making everything better.

The biggest weakness of a company is accepting only internal ideas and recommendations. Some of those ideas are tabled and re-tabled several times in meetings and eventually become exhausted from procrastination.

A number of companies do not reach out the door into the world where social learning is rapidly coming up with active new ways to improve operations.

All companies gather a great deal of data. There are literally batches and batches of large, thick and solid computer reports heaped up on office desks waiting to be reviewed. Some are stacked on the top of file cabinets, chairs, and in boxes. Others are headed for the trash wastefully “unread.” Why are there so many accumulated reports just lingering in offices? Are they just printed off to go through the motions?

I once visited a retailer and met with the owner who invited me. I noticed four different stacks of computer reports on a table and several more piled in a box. The room was half occupied by the owner and half by reports. Those in the box were thick with dust.

After asking the owner what his concerns were, he replied, “We need help locating the causes of our produce shrink. Our grosses are way off and we’re losing money in the produce operation.”

Without wasting any time, I told him that the answers were probably right in the very room he occupied. He looked puzzled and asked what in the world I meant. Then I indicated that all of the data reports in the room should reveal some vital clues in identifying some of the areas causing waste losses.

Part of the problem with companies getting too internalized is that they work with the same old daily routines. Reports are delivered to their desks and put off to the side. Then the data is not used that could possibly hold valuable solutions.

In the past, there were no information-sharing social media, no sophisticated data, or no category management. It was just hard-core buying and selling. Much of it was “guesswork.” Today, you cannot guess your way out of problems.

The emotion of tough competition and hard challenging margins requires a whole lot more than just internal thinking. Companies need to reach outside its doors and hire “professional experienced expertise.” Those professionals understand the in-depth knowledge of trends in the industry.

Don’t allow your company to get stuck in the same old routine just because it always was that way in the past.

Outside sources know how to make it work even better. Reach outside the company doors for experienced professional experts to help improve margins.

Reach out to FreshXperts.

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