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FreshXpertise by Ron Pelger

Today is a different sales environment with tougher competition

The most important advantage today is the SALES FORCE.

It’s not about working longer, harder, faster, or even smarter today.

It’s about working DIFFERENT

Sales Fact: – 33% of salespeople are below average in meeting their budget. Why do 33% of salespeople fail to perform?

Do you know what most retailers hate? It’s salespeople who take up valuable time, but never sell anything. If retail buyers heard one old presentation, they heard them all. That’s probably why decision makers never purchase their product. Their presentation format is the same all of the time.

Most salespeople today seem to be in a rut by using the same old methods of trying to sell their company’s product. Many “shoot from the hip.” They ramble along with the same routine on every visit in front of a buyer or decision maker who tries to keep from dozing off. Nothing changed – Nothing different.

There are Top Sellers and Bottom Sellers ——

Top Sellers —– feel confident — use new ideas and methods — sell differently

Bottom Sellers —– never try to change —- use the old pitch —- fail every time

Can’t get a foot in the door?

Why do sales reps have a hard time getting their foot in the doors of prospects? It’s no secret. Today, executive decision makers and buyers carry a bigger workload on their shoulders. Their time is extremely tight and valuable in trying to get assignments completed. Labor cuts have created more work with fewer people. Therefore, obtaining an official sales call from a decision maker is like a monumental victory today. There are simply less buyers with less time on their hands.

According to studies made by Harvard University and the Gallup Organization, only 4% of U.S. salespeople sell 94% of goods and services.

There are currently 50% of companies in various stages of heading towards going out of business. Only 20% are doing the right things in their companies. The “Sales Force” is the one most important advantage a company has in order to succeed today. This is a different sales environment with much tougher competition.

What’s missing in some salespeople today? It’s a lack of updated “sales skills.” Many salespeople must change their methods in reaching the decision makers. But nobody can make a salesperson do things differently. They have to make that change on their own.

Improving sales skills

Here are a few tips in getting to the decision makers and approvers these days:

  • Focus your attention only on your customers and the product – stay away from jokes and personal talk.
  • Research your customers beforehand – know everything about them and the company history.
  • Be prepared – know your product inside out, up and down – never say “I’ll get back to you.”
  • Tell buyers you personally prepared material especially for their company – it will impress them.
  • Be an innovator – give them ideas and selling tips – people want help today.
  • Give them some education – buyers always want to learn something new.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your customers some questions – it shows you want to please them.

Get out there! Stop getting tied up with old fashion details and red tape. Just get out there and start selling —— but do it “differently.”

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