PJ Petrillo

PJ Petrillo, whose family has owned and operated a family farm in Jackson County, Missouri for generations, is no stranger to the produce industry. 

She previously worked in crisis management, education and law enforcement for the Blue Springs School District and the Blue Springs Police Department in Missouri, in a career spanning 35 years.  During that time, she held several different positions including: Executive Director of Emergency Services; Director of Public Safety; Director of the Juvenile Unit for the Blue Springs Police Department; District Coordinator and Administrator; and Elementary, Middle school, and Secondary Educator.

PJ has also taught at the university level, and continues to work as a Consultant and Special Investigator for businesses, faith-based agencies, and organizations nationally and internationally.

She has been a first responder at many major disasters across the country while serving as Commander of the Missouri Trauma Team.  She previously worked disaster incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Katrina, school shootings, community emergencies and other crisis situations.

PJ holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from The University of Central Missouri, has completed Doctoral studies in education, and holds many national and international certifications in the Psychological field.  

She currently resides in Tampa, Florida.