Produce Industry Report by SDR Ventures

SDR Ventures recently completed the fourth issue of our “Produce Industry Report” which provides an overview of the merger and acquisition activity in the Produce Industry. It includes a performance analysis of public companies and a data-driven analysis of M&A transactions and deal multiples over the past several years. You can read the full report here, however, below are few highlights.

  • Ongoing trade issues continue to plague the North American Produce Industry creating uncertainty and valuation challenges for mergers and acquisitions
    • Despite an uncertain business environment, we tracked 19 Produce Industry transactions since January 1, 2019
    • Our compilation of disclosed deals stats over the last several years stands at 7.9x EBITDA while as of May 31st, our comparable publicly traded basket was at 8.1x EBITDA

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~by Eric Bosveld

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