Stop Discouraging Produce Creativity

Stop discouraging produce creativity

FreshXpertise by Ron Pelger

Without being creative and different, a company cannot compete and survive in the business world today.


What new product, service or merchandising method has your company introduced in the past year? Are you being creative enough to attract customers and retain them?

Whether you are a grower, packer, shipper or retailer, you should always be different. Everyone is competing for a chunk of the consumers’ dollar and they are easily attracted to something unique.

What’s new and unique about your company, its product or service? If nothing is different, you could be doomed sooner than can be imagined.

Did you ever have a good idea that your superior instantly and negatively shot down? Well, don’t feel bad. Many of us have gone through those experiences with “creativity killers” at one time or another. It’s discouraging and makes a person never want to present another idea ever again. This is dangerous for any company that needs to keep moving forward in a fiercely competitive environment.

One of the excuses in shooting down new ideas is to blame it on the company budget. The ever-popular phrase, “It will cost too much and our budget won’t allow it” has probably killed more good innovative ideas than we could possibly imagine.

Squashing innovative ideas discourages people in making further suggestions to management. It gives a bad impression that the organization does not invite new concepts into the system. Employees may not want to come forward with a proposal for fear that it will be tagged as a “bad idea.”

There is a particular word that is very dangerous. It can wipe out all enthusiasm and crush motivation of constructive ideas in people instantly. This dangerous word is “can’t.” You’ve heard it many times ––– “We can’t afford it”, “It can’t be done”, or “We can’t get approval for it.”

If the only word company executives know is “can’t”, they may as well close up shop and turn out the lights for good. The “can’t” will kill a business every time.

Management should take advantage of innovative ideas. There are many employees who have opinions from actual work experiences that can help companies, but feel they will be ridiculed if they submit them. Therefore, all creative ideas become locked inside of them.

Creativity comes from people. Business doesn’t innovate ––– people do. Wherever creativity is encouraged, a company grows stronger.

Are you a “creativity killer?” If so, you should seriously rethink your procedures to encourage and welcome new ideas from your employees with an open mind. Who knows? It only takes one small suggestion to help improve the overall operation. You would be surprised at all the sales and cost-saving solutions employees have up their sleeves.

For the sake of your company, your people and the industry, stop discouraging produce creativity!


For further assistance, consider FreshXperts for a wealth of unique concepts that can easily be applied to fit your company needs. Stay ahead of the industry. Be profitable by being different. Try a different approach ––– engage with FreshXperts.

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