“When selecting a friend or business partner to engage with, I focus on one key factor–character. The foundation of a person is his/her character and core beliefs. I have found Anthony Totta to be a man of character. Anthony is a man of exemplary integrity and is well respected in the produce industry. His knowledge of the industry is vast and his relationship with individuals in the industry is extensive. Mr. Totta is a true industry partner and leader of the produce industry.”

Ryan Talley
, Talley Farms, Arroyo Grande, CA

“I worked with Anthony on marketing projects when I represented the Midwest for “The Produce News,” a national business publication for the produce industry. Anthony was a joy to work with. He was very creative and came up with some wonderful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. He’s very direct but friendly in his approach and knew his business well. He is a true professional in the industry.”

Cindy Long
Publisher, The Produce News

“Anthony’s character traits are uncompromising and his knowledge of the produce industry is extensive.”

David Stornetta

“Ron Pelger is an absolute fresh merchandising legend. As a young produce manager I would marvel at his ability to create innovative merchandising plans with hundreds of stores of all different shapes and sizes. Never constrained by existing cases or tables he would go off the beaten path to create excitement in the produce department.”

Jeff Jones
Store Director, Shaw's Supermarkets

“Ron has a great working knowledge of the produce industry and a very good handle on how to identify practical changes that are needed. The consumer is always a winner when Ron looks at a what would improve our industry.”

Roger Pepperl
Growers Marketing Director, Stemilt

“Eric has always been very focused and pays particular attention to the details in any project that he has managed. Eric is also very easy to work with and continues to have a unique talent for finding value for his customers and clients.”

Pete Robson

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