Raving Fans

  • Anthony is a great guy to work with and just to spend time with. Anthony’s wheels are always turning and can convey those ideas to those around him easily. His strengths are putting people together who can be stronger together than they were a part. Committed family man with a wonderful family!
    Phillip Hill
    President/CEO Kansas Hospice Care
  • Anthony’s passion for the produce business was contagious as the flu which made it extremely easy to lead my company at the time driving sales exponentially. He still maintains that same youthful excitement for the industry with so much more experience and knowlege.
    Phillip Pisciotta
    Sales Agent at Hawk Distribution Services LLC
  • Anthony makes things happen. I have followed Anthony’s career choices over the years, and without a doubt he has distinguished himself by demonstrating his innovation in the dynamic produce industry. He turns good ideas into reality.
    Food Safety and Facility Safety Consultant and Recruiter
  • I worked with Anthony on marketing projects when I represented the Midwest for “The Produce News,” a national business publication for the produce industry. Anthony was a joy to work with. He was very creative and came up with some wonderful advertising campaigns and marketing strategies. He’s very direct but friendly in his approach and knew his business well. He is a true professional in the industry.
    Executive Assistant to COO at KAI Total Pavement Management
  • In October of 2013 Buehlers Fresh Foods partnered with Freshxperts to help improve the performance and profitability of our Produce departments. Jonathan was the primary contact for the project with bi-monthly visits and weekly conferences calls or GoToMeetings. The focus of our partnership was to improve freshness in the Buehler’s Produce departments, take us to the next level in our merchandising, and grow sales and profits by reducing shrink and writing more effective ads. Jonathan was able to teach us how to build more attractive displays and reduce shrink by having less merchandise on display. Jonathan introduced us to products that help merchandise and improve the appearance of our displays. During the last 6 weeks we worked on several department makeovers that we titled EXTREME DEPARTMENT MAKEOVER PRODUCE EDITION. During these resets we implemented some drastic changes in how we merchandise, the flow of the department, correct positions of product for the season, family groupings, and purchase to sales ratio on product displayed.
    Our sales vs. prior year are up over 4% and our gross profit dollars are up over 7%. Jonathan was always professional and willing to jump in do whatever was needed to improve the bottom line while in our stores or office. Working with Freshxperts was a very positive experience for the Buehler’s team and has helped us attain higher levels of quality, freshness, and profitability. Their combined range of experience enables them to address all areas of produce marketing from procurement, distribution, merchandising, employee training, advertising and profitability.
    Jeff Tomassetti
    Director of Produce and Floral operations Buehlers Fresh Foods
  • Jonathan Raduns leadership and consulting in a revamp of our produce department proved to be a profitable investment in our business at Di Bruno Brother, Chestnut Street Philadelphia. Jonathan became a member of our team collaboratively advising and supporting our marketing, merchandising, operations and management teams to drive our project fresh produce department re-vamp towards success. Our roll-out featured a whole new look with refined merchandising techniques and a weekend of activity featuring local farmers and extensive new organic and local Philadelphia region farm offerings. Jonathan’s advice and contacts supported out initial concept to a hands on merchandising roll out. Jonathan recommended many of our new supplies, containers(baskets, crates),merchandising techniques, case sets, new product and vendors. Most importantly, through this project we have since obtained weekly sales in excess of 15-25% over last year. We have even created a new position of produce manager now to communicate our commitment and follow-through in this successful endeavor. I would recommend Jonathan Raduns for innovative retail ideas, project management, and on going professional merchandising and food marketing advice to drive your retail food environments towards increased sales.
    William Mignucci
    President & CEO
  • Jonathan spoke at my Food Marketing Strategy class at Saint Joseph’s University and did a terrific job of connecting with our students. He was able to show them how creative merchandising can drive sales and profits. It was a very interactive and energetic session. He will be back in the Fall. I would recommend him to any retailer or brand looking for a fresh perspective on visual merchandising.
    George Latella
    SVP Business Development at Beacon Marketing Group