The new fast-paced food industry

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The new fast-paced food industry

We all know that the food industry is a very high-velocity business with competition getting tougher and tougher. Whether you are a grower, shipper, wholesaler, broker or retailer, everybody’s customers are insisting on higher valued product along with more service today. And operating costs continue to outpace revenues. On top of this, our workloads are getting heavier each day.

Acquisitions, mergers, consolidations, centralized buying, computer program systems, category management, promotional allowances, contract partnerships, higher gross margins, cost squeezing, and other stressful demands have made this a new food industry of strategies and challenges. This has become a customer-focused business like never before.

We are experiencing a new generation of food industry people. Everyone from the farmer working in the field to the shopper rushing through the supermarket, we’re living in a world of lightning speed transformation.

As everyone in the produce industry presses on with their daily duties working as hard as ever, there are many changes that are affecting business decisions. Some companies are simply coping with the earth-quaking shocks that keep rising to the surface while others fear the unexpected end results that could occur from not knowing what role they play in all these variable changes to the system.

What are some of the concerns among produce industry growers, shippers, wholesalers, and retailers? I had conversations with some well-respected industry executives on the subject.

One industry individual told me their biggest concern is competition today. Both have a certain amount of budgeted money to spend. The concern takes place when they start outspending each other. But what can they do? Less customers means less business.

So the raging battle continues and will undoubtedly always be forcing concerns about the ever-changing methods of doing business. The major formula for success will be to stay on pace with progress. Create a positive workplace to increase productivity and profits.

This is still a fun business. There are many areas of produce that are really riding high these days. I have seen some very aggressive displays in the supermarket produce departments recently along with very exciting sales..

Despite a tougher competitive environment, many produce departments continue to move forward by setting new sales records many people once thought were impossible to reach. They’re doing it with enthusiasm and pride. Produce people always want to be the best.

Yes, there are many concerns in the food business, but those who push forward aggressively will come out on top. All we have to do is keep in touch with what consumers want today, and then give it to them.

By the way, we are hearing more and more success reports from produce executives that sales are exceeding last year.. This is another step in the right direction for the growth of produce companies in this industry.

Call on the skills of FreshXperts to boost your company sales, profits and especially growth during these fast-paced changing times. We look ahead of all the trends and can take you to the future of success.

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