Time to redesign your company operating methods

by Ron Pelger

Everything a company does should always start by relating it directly to the customer. Nothing is worse than making radical operational cuts in an organization to the extent that it turns off customers. If cutting back key components of the operation to save a few bucks becomes more of a priority to the organization above anything else; it will promptly drive away customers. And sending them out the door means tossing away valuable profit in the process.

There is still an outmoded corporate culture lurking in the industry shadows wasting time and continually trying to reinvent the wheel of destruction. Are erratic cutbacks the result of executive decisions that are driving business into a sales decline?

A retailer once told me that their regular shipper had to cut their order quantities because the grower decided to reduce plantings as a means to save on production costs. This creates an adverse dilemma for retailers.

Maybe it’s time for your company to consider redesigning segments of the operations by shedding outdated and obsolete systems, methods, controls, and procedures. Nothing is etched in bronze anymore. The world is changing rapidly at this very moment.

Consider major companies that were at the top of their game just a few years ago and where they are today. Many are either in a struggle or going out of business. They tried to adjust, but near the end of their tumble when it was too little too late.

In redesigning your company, make sure to first consider all your strengths and skills. Then fine tune them by modifying programs that call for current day strategies. Be more creative to further increase your sales effectiveness. Sometimes companies can become too internalized allowing competition to take away a large slice of the sales pie.

All of a company operating components should be carefully examined for the redesigning blueprint. Don’t leave a single stone unturned.

The most vital part of an organization is the sales force. Some salespeople have become victims of their own company methods in calling on retailers. They are entrenched in a rut of old sales formats that are not effective in today’s business climate. Those companies have not kept up with the times.

Take a good close look at your business operation up and down the line. Redesign areas while the opportunity is right. Those companies that reverse-engineer themselves immediately will have a head start and better chance of capturing growth.

During these competitive times all customers are up for grabs. Customers have two very simple options in buying their product whether you are a grower, shipper, or retailer. They could buy your product or go to your competitor and buy their product.

It’s up to you to get that sale. You will have to do it with a different method today. It would be wise to hire outside professional experts to help with your redesigning program. This is a changing business today. Time is of the essence. Do it now.

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